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No matter what your audio/video needs are, we have you covered! Relax and enjoy total peace-of-mind having the very best audio/video systems for any application.

Surround Sound Systems

Typical Uses: Surround Sound Systems are used in homes, businesses or anywhere that you want sound all around you, coming from all directions. The three main types of surround sound are 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 The numbers refer to the number of speakers required for that type of surround sound system. The first number before the “.” is the number of regular speakers and the number after the “.” is the number of subwoofers. So 5.1 refers to 5 speakers and one subwoofer as an example.

Benefits: Provides a theater like immersive experience, and realism similar to some movie theaters. You can feel like you are right inside of the movie.

TV Installation

Typical Uses: Mounting flat screen televisions is much better provided by a professional like Moulton Electronics, LLC. It involves drilling into walls, finding studs and hiding wires from view, as well as other complexities that most home or business owners don’t want deal with.

Benefits: The benefits of having Moulton Electronics & Security, LLC install your TV is that it will be done perfectly correct, it won’t be crooked, you’ll get the right height, you won’t risk breaking your TV, you won’t damage your walls and all wiring will be done correctly and be hidden from sight.

Streaming Devices

Typical Uses: Streaming Devices are used in any setting to stream all kinds of content from the internet. Modern streaming devices like Roku TV and Apple TV and others can simplify your TV experience, since most types of content can stream through apps.

Benefits: Streaming devices provide more content. If you want endless options for entertainment, its the way to go. Some streaming devices offer software updates to improve the speed, the interface and the apps. They can also save you money, with no monthly rental fees for digital boxes.

TV Projection Systems

Typical Uses: Projection TV is very useful in business meetings and college lectures where a whole room full of people need to watch a picture at the same time, as well in churches. You can use it to show live TV pictures, video and DVD recordings, or even the output from a computer screen. It can also work great for home theater rooms and other residential and business settings.

Benefits: Projection TV Systems offer customizable screen size, huge images, eye comfort, compact size, portability and value. Projectors reflect light. TVs emit light. Reflected light produces less strain on the eyes.

Smart Speakers

Typical Uses: A smart speaker can serve as a central information source that offers the weather, a dictionary, traffic conditions, directions, and more. It’s also a home assistant that controls common household tasks, such as environmental control (thermostat), lighting, door locks, window shades, security monitoring, and more. Smart speakers can play music and be controlled by voice commands.

Benefits: The primary advantage of smart speakers is that they make mundane tasks more convenient. By themselves, they can answer your questions, make calls, or schedule appointments without you opening your phone.

Home Theater Sound

Typical Uses: Home Theater Sound Systems are used for many types of home video settings. Invite friends over to watch the big game, enjoy theater quality sound without the hassle, recreate your favorite concerts or immerse yourself in a TV marathon.

Benefits: Home theaters help you to create the perfect mood for your home event with intense sound effects and video quality. With your home theater equipped with high-quality gadgets, you can get a great experience of your favorite movies and your home events will be cherished.

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