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We provide cable and data equipment for any environment.

No matter what your cable and data needs are, we have you covered! Relax and enjoy total peace-of-mind having the very best cable and data systems in place.


Typical Uses: If you live in a rural area and do not have access to typical internet providers that offer cable or antenna services, Starlink can be your solution.

Benefits: The main benefits are you receive your internet signal from satellites versus cable or antenna signals that cannot be reached in your area. The Starlink technology is extremely reliable because it is a motorized satellite finder that auto-searches for Starlink satellites to keep you connected. Also, it is very low maintenance.

Internet Installation & Setup

Typical Uses: Having Moulton Electronics & Security, LLC help you with internet installation and setup can be a tremendous benefit. Many times, your cable provider will send you upgraded equipment in the mail. Configuring things like new modems and routers can be complicated and should be done by a professional.

Benefits: It is very beneficial to have a professional set up any internet services or equipment to get the very best signal anywhere in your home.

TV Cable Installation & Setup

Typical Uses: Setting up TV cable can be challenging for most people. Proper installation is critical. Many times, coax cable has to be run through walls, ceilings and from one floor to another. We also can professionally mount your TV on a wall properly to studs and have the TV perfectly level as well.

Benefits: Professional installation gives you complete peace of mind that your cable is run correctly, signal strength tested and that your TV setup is completed properly for your total enjoyment. We also have many creative ways to hide wires and cables out of sight, as well as help you program your remote for ease of use.

Phone & Data Jack Installation

Typical Uses: Data jacks, sometimes referred to as network jacks, are located in most campus offices, classrooms, churches and dorm rooms. When connected to a printer or computer via a network cable, jacks provide a physical connection to the network for any registered printers, computers, and devices that are not Wi-Fi network-capable.

Benefits: The phone and data jack provides an easy way to hard wire connect many types of equipment to a central data rack or other proper connection.

Mesh Internet Systems

Typical Uses: Mesh networking in your home or office is becoming more and more needed. Mesh internet systems are used many times where walls or other infrastructure blocks signals between one part of a home or office to another area.

Benefits: Mesh routers can help eliminate dead zones because they use multiple access points. One node links to the modem and acts as the router, while one or more other access points, often called satellites, capture the router’s signal and rebroadcast it.

Cellular Boosters/Extenders

Typical Uses: Cell network extenders, also known as cell phone “signal boosters” is equipment that is used to amplify your existing cellular signal. They are used in an environment where a stronger cell network is needed. They are used in homes, offices, churches, restaurants, or any organization that needs maximum cell network access.

Benefits: Provides a boosted signal in any environment that has cellular signal loss or little to no cellular signal.

Data Racks

Typical Uses: Data racks organize your servers and network devices into a simple location. These are used in many settings such as churches, apartment buildings, and offices. They simplify cabling for multiple machines and allow for easy access when maintenance is needed.

Benefits: You can run your data center at full capacity. Data racks are easy to maintain and offer great security of data and the transmission of data.

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