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Typical Uses: If you live in a rural area and do not have access to typical internet providers that offer cable or antenna services, Starlink can be your solution.

Benefits: The main benefits are you receive your internet signal from satellites versus cable or antenna signals that cannot be reached in your area. The Starlink technology is extremely reliable because it is a motorized satellite finder that auto-searches for Starlink satellites to keep you connected. Also, it is very low maintenance.

UHF/VHF Antennas

Typical Uses: UHF and VHF wavelengths are used for two-way radios in vehicles, aircraft, and handheld transceivers and walkie-talkies. Portable radios usually use whips or rubber ducky antennas, while base stations usually use larger fiberglass whips or collinear arrays of vertical dipoles. The main purpose of a VHF antenna is to provide a radiator for the power that the transmitter in the radio produces and to radiate this energy in the correct direction.

Benefits: The main benefits of these antennas is that they have improved sound quality, minimal radio interference, and portability.

Directional Antennas

Typical Uses: The purpose of that directionality is improving transmission and reception of communications and reducing interference. In consumer applications, the most common directional antenna is the dish used with satellite Internet and satellite television installations.

Benefits: 1. If there are two signals on the same or similar frequencies, you can point the antenna at the one you wish to receive. 2. Directional antennas often have greater gain in their chosen direction than non-directional antennas of similar size and cost.

Omni & Multi-Directional Antennas

Typical Uses: These antennas are widely used for radio broadcasting antennas, and in mobile devices that use radio such as cell phones, FM radios, walkie-talkies, wireless computer networks, cordless phones and GPS.

Benefits: With an omni directional antenna, the signals are sent out in every direction. Multi-directional antennas amplify cell signals in multiple locations and are great for boosting 4G and 5G signals when building material is the main problem of cellular interruption.

FM Antennas

Typical Uses: FM antennas are mostly used at radio stations to transmit songs, talk shows, programs and commercials across long distances. This data is turned into electrical energy, which surges along the FM antenna. While the process is ongoing, the signal or power is boosted.

Benefits: FM antennas are far more immune to noise and interference and has a much better frequency response and higher fidelity as opposed to AM antenna signals. They also have a very long transmission distance.

Antenna Amplifiers

Typical Uses: An antenna amplifiers boosts a radio signal considerably. If you need a signal boost, an antenna amplifier can help. Many devices have an RF amplifier stage in their circuitry, but sometimes, electronics experts will install them manually for specific uses such as boosting your cable tv signal.

Benefits: Antenna amplifiers are great for enhancing in-building coverage for superior signal strength for many indoor applications. They improve sound and signal quality and are excellent for use with non-amplified antennas and cable tv signal boosting.

Antenna Filters

Typical Uses: Antenna filters are designed to sit inline with the antenna cable, so it only affects signals traveling between the antenna and the TV and won’t affect LTE reception for nearby phones and tablets. They mainly stop signal interference by clamping down on radio signals outside of the TV broadcast band.

Benefits: Improving signal strength and help to remove cell tower and cell phone interference. They can also improve poor picture quality on TV antenna channels affect by LTE interference.

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